Getting The Most Out of Your Vegetables

Jason Sheasby
2 min readSep 24, 2021


Vegetables! They are healthy and nutritious. However, getting the most out of them isn’t always easy. A major reason is often that consumers may either end up consuming parts of the vegetable or only use it to an extent. To ensure that this doesn’t happen there are two and only two rules that must be followed. Listed below are such rules and you will find that they are extremely useful and effective

Eat The Whole Vegetable

Some may disagree, but in most cases, even the skin of vegetables can be consumed. For example: the skin of potatoes. Some may go the extra mile to peel it before getting it ready for consumption but what they do not know is that the skin is just as healthy if not healthier as any other part of the vegetable. In fact, the only way to get the most out of this vegetable is to consume the skin so that you get to intake all the nutrients that it contains. So, if being nutritious is high on your list but you are still peeling your potatoes, then now would probably be the best time to stop.

Convert The Inedible into Something Useful

If consuming the skin of vegetables right off the bat is too hard for you, then maybe you can still manage to get the most out of it without eating it. For example, maybe the skin could be blended with a few other ingredients to make a natural face mask for your skin. It isn’t unusual for most face masks or skin products to be made from vegetables or foods that are eaten daily. But if this is the method that you choose in order to get the most out of your vegetable then always do your research first to prevent allergic reactions or a failed attempt at conversion

And there you have it! Just two simple rules to follow if you truly want to get the most out of your vegetables. Remember to eat everything because the skin of these nutritious foods is possibly healthier than any other part. And what you can’t consume, be sure to convert it into something useful such as a face mask so either way, your body still gets to benefit!

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